Thursday, July 1, 2010

That's Ridiculous

I'm cleaning/organizing the attic. Last January, I had asked N to get all the empty boxes together (he needed something to do). Today, I took 4! count them...4 boxes filled with broken down boxes to the recycle center. Then, later, I found enough empty boxes to fill another box! That's ridiculous!

My boys played with Legos. I knew there was one tub in the attic. I did not know there was another box plus two shoe box sized boxes filled with legos plus a small Bath & Body bag with legos! That's ridiculous!

Note: I will not sell them...this is one thing I'm saving for my grandchildren.

L had 3 boxes plus a suitcase (tote size) plus a foot locker filled with clothes that he didn't even know was in the attic. He opened one box and pulled out a dark orange and black shirt with a short zipper in the front...his high school basketball warm up shirt! That's ridiculous!

With the stuff (yes, I mean stuff) from the attic plus everything else I no longer feel we need or need to keep, we are having a second! yard sale this Saturday. That is sad enough to make a grown man cry! Now that is ridiculous!!!


  1. You're doing WAY too much to be on vacation!
    Love your new background!

  2. I love the background too. You're brave...the attic and a garage sale in the heat!

    Happy 4th!