Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Want a Do-Over

Do you remember growing up, playing games, and when you didn't like the way your turn went, you asked for a "do-over"? You then got to do your turn over. Golfers have do-overs when they play in amateur golf tournaments--they're called "mulligans" and you have to buy them. But if a golfer bought a mulligan, didn't like the shot he/she just made, he/she "uses a mulligan" or he/she gets a "do-over."

Well, I have a couple of do-overs I want.

You know I love my husband (and no, I don't want a do-over with a new husband!). We'll be celebrating our 28th anniversary the middle of October. But it never ceases to amaze me that when two people have lived together for so long that they still don't see eye-to-eye or still don't do things the same as the other.

Here's my first do-over (although it is more like a rewind and record): Several years ago, L mentioned to me that his dad doesn't close doors--closet door, cabinet door, etc. I want a do-over and record his comment because, guess what? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Maybe his definition of close and mine are not the same. To me, close means shut. When you pull on the knob without turning it, the door doesn't open. I don't think that's his definition. Maybe to him, close means cracked, even a 6 inch crack is closed. And the closet...he keeps his casual shirts in a closet in the guest room and right now the doors are wide open!

Here's another do-over: Growing up, I always thought that as long as the bed was made neatly, it didn't matter what else was on the floor, or on the dresser, or hanging over the chair, the room looked neat. And I love crawling into bed at night when the bed has been made, neatly. I just seem to sleep better.

Since I have gone back to work, I get up before L does and am usually out the door before he gets out of bed (I leave between 6 and 6:15). Here is L's definition of a made bed:

So, yes, I "do-over" the bed, even if it is two minutes before I'm crawling in to dreamland.

And just so you know, I "do-over" the dishwasher too after he has so kindly filled it for me.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No More Children

Today my baby turns 21. That means I now must include the adjective "adult" when I refer my boys, as in "adult children".

It does not seem that 21 years have gone by. I had a stressful pregnancy, only because my alpha feta protein level remained high. The many ultrasounds found nothing, the amniocentesis found nothing, yet I was told to make a decision. We made the right decision.

I have too many pictures to decide which ones to use for a slideshow. So here is what I think C is like.

Happy Birthday, C!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Devotional Prayers

A couple of weeks ago, while I was on sabbatical (at least that's what I'm calling it), my sister tagged me...again. This tag asked to tell about your three favorite devotional prayers. Even though it is late, here are my favorites:

1. The rosary. I pray the rosary when I can't sleep instead of counting sheep. The rosary is mostly Hail Mary's and Our Fathers. There are 5 decades that you pray Hail Mary and between each decade you pray an Our Father and a Glory Be. I'm suppose to pray another prayer but I didn't learn it so, unless I have the words in front of me, I don't say it. There are four mysteries that correspond to a specific day. I know the Sorrowful Mysteries are on Friday and the Glorious Mysteries are on Sunday. (Can you tell I don't pray it correctly? I do if I have my booklet in front of me.)

2. The Hail Mary. Since we are Jesus' brothers and sisters, the Virgin Mary is our mother also. The Hail Mary is such a pretty prayer. I especially love the praying the prayer by singing the song. It is beautiful.

3. Novena to St. Theresa the Little Flower. A novena is a prayer you pray for x number of days. Usually you are asking for a specific request. I first heard of this novena when my brother was deployed during the first Gulf War. My mother received a set of earrings shaped like a rose from someone (don't remember who). She started crying. When we asked her about it, she told us that when you pray the novena, St. Theresa will send you a rose to let you know she hears you. Mom had been praying for my brother's safety. I tried it when we were selling our first house. On the day that the house was being shown by the couple that bought the house, I received a card from my aunt. The card had roses on it...not a drawing or painting, but a snapshot of real roses! And I prayed it another time (forgot what I was praying for) and received my rose in a very mysterious way: I had gone to the grocery store back in the day when the groceries were placed in brown paper bags. When I turned the bag over to fold it up, a small rose bud fell out of the bag. Where did it come from? I didn't buy any flowers and I didn't go anywhere near the floral department! I believe it could only have come from St. Theresa!

Have a blessed week! (And don't forget to say your prayers!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh, You Can Tell

You can tell...
  • ...I'm feeling better. After numerous baseball trips, getting ready for the start of school, the start of school (we just finished our second week), and a minor health issue, I'm feeling good and ready to get back to blogging. (The health issue--I have lost weight and was having problems with my blood pressure...I got to quit taking the blood pressure medicine--wah hoo!)
  • ...N was home...if just to spend the night...see the evidence? (N is my baseball player.)
  • ...C returned from Washington and Korea and prepared for his return to college.

He said this is organizing his stuff.

  • ...the NASCAR race is approaching. (It is actually going on as I write this...I took these pictures on Tuesday.)

The view from my back porch.

The view from my front porch.

Thank you for checking back!