Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Week in History

Well, it's not really a whole week. I haven't wanted to write anything, mostly because not much has occurred. So here's the exciting (at least to me) and the boring (most definitely to me).

Friday: exciting -- C called from Korea. Technically, he "skyped." (If you are not familiar with Skype, it is a communication tool you use from your computer (or iPhone or iPod whichever the case). You can chat (instant message), use voice (talk like you would on the telephone), or use audio (actually see each other on your computer screen--webcam is required for this feature).) We have been using the audio. It is fun to see each other as we talk. He has held up some of the drinks he's had (cola and water) and has showed us some of the Korean money. Isn't technology great?

also exciting -- N pitched and did a great job. The Jaxx were tied when he went in, then at their next at bats, they went ahead and stayed ahead to win the game. That meant N was recorded with the win.

Saturday: boring -- We painted the garage...two coats. And it was hot! I could not wait to get my sweat-wet clothes off and take a shower! First time in a loooonnnnng time that I took a lukewarm shower on purpose. We did go out to eat. The restaurant was a BBQ place and guess what? They don't have air conditioning! It wasn't hot because they had ceiling fans, but it was warm. Then we went to Lowe's because we ran out of paint and hadn't done the trim. And guess what? It was hot. Can you image their cooling bill if they had air conditioning? Couldn't wait to get back into the car to run the a/c.

Sunday: boring -- We both slept late which unusual for L. But we had to get up and get the rest of the painting done. And it was hot! I didn't work as hard as I had the day before but my clothes were still wet. L cooked out some steaks for us that evening. When I looked at the outside temperature it read 101!!! Yet he still grilled out. What a man!

Monday: exciting (at least to me) -- Workshop on the TI Nspire. I didn't really learn a whole lot of new things but made some new contacts so I hope I can make some more presentations. I really enjoy doing that. The workshop was held at a local company's lodge in a mountainous area. As I was leaving, my co-worker who attended also pointed to a part of the parking lot beyond my car. I walked over and saw a deer, very oblivious to us. It was certainly use to humans.

Tuesday (yesterday): boring -- I don't even remember what I did. Oh yeah, I cleaned "my" room. Actually, it is the extra bedroom or guest room. I use it to store my scrapbooking supplies and school work. When we have an overnight guest, I throw my junk that is laying around the room into 2 or 3 boxes and move them to my bedroom. I wonder, if we had more overnight guests more often would the room stay neater? Oh well, I guess we'll never know.

Wednesday: exciting -- the Jaxx are playing a five game series with the Tennessee Smokies in Sevierville. That means I'll be seeing N again!

Also exciting, I received an email that had these two links:

Check them out! They are amazing (and a little scary that technology has come this far)! If we aren't in the Jetson era, then we are definitely on the fringe! Isn't technology great!

I hope your week has been filled with exciting memories!


  1. I couldn't see the said I needed to sign in? Oh well, I do think technology is amazing : )

    Glad you get to see your son play again! That is exciting!

  2. Yay for talking to C! And yay for N pitching nearby!

  3. I guess we all have those exciting/boring weeks in our lives. I worked 10th grade orientation on Tuesday - boring, went to the dentist on Weds. - definitely boring, and then have a caregivers meeting for my mom today - boring again....nope much excitement for me this week. When our temperatures spiked to 101 on Monday I thought ....just get me to the air conditioner. I did join the local library and registered to vote here...that was exciting. takes very little for me to be excited.

  4. I loved the little teaser for each day....boring....exciting! Made me giggle.