Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Makeover

There are two weeks left before I return to work. So I've been thinking about what I want my students to do when they write notes. When I was attending a large retail store that is very popular all over the country (you know the place...I haven't heard of anyone who hasn't been there before), I saw the composition books for 25 cents! (They're regularly $1.00 or 2/$1.00 at "back-to-school" time.)

I thought, "This would be perfect!" and the cost was definitely worth it.
But to me, those books are so ho-hum and, even though the covers may vary slightly, they still look so much alike. So I made over a book for each course I'll be teaching:

Integrated Math II
(sorry about the blurry title)

I sent in a proposal to teach this course but haven't heard anything yet so I'll be ready just in case:

(Sabermetrics is the
Science of Baseball Statistics)

I thought they turned out pretty well! And they are so easy to do! Just cover the front and back with thick scrapbook paper (I used double sided tape), trim the paper, and embellish! Du-Dah!


  1. Great ideas! Makes me homesick for teaching!

  2. Pretty creative! Jealous that you still have 2 weeks.