Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why, Why, Tell me Why!

Please help me understand why...

  • ...bride's dresses are strapless. Everywhere I look, in the display window, on a bride, the dress is strapless. Some are pretty, the bride is pretty wearing it, but some are not. Honey, if you are a size 18 or over, you may want to rethink the strapless dress.
  • ...men with flabby stomachs want to show them off. Come on people--please don't encourage them. They are not funny!
  • ...baseball fans who grab a foul ball after it has bounced around in the bleachers a couple of times want the rest of us to cheer for them as if they caught the ball!
  • ...eighteen wheelers want to suddenly change lanes. I almost gave one the finger the other day.
  • ...drivers put on their brakes, then turn on their turn signals. You are suppose to "indicate" that you are turning before you put on your brakes. That helps the people behind you know what you are doing.
  • ...drivers in the left lane put on their brakes when the driver in the right puts on their brakes. You're in the left lane so you can pass the person in the right lane for goodness sake!
  • ...drivers slow down when they see a police car hiding with radar. Sugar, when you've seen it, its too late. He's done got you!
  • ...drivers slow down when they see a police car in the same lane (or next to them). That police car is going to go the speed limit, or faster. You do know you can be pulled over for going slower than the speed limit, don't you.
Thanks for your help!


  1. Ha-I just mentioned something about weddings on my blog today. My biggest driving pet peeve is people driving slow in the fast lane. Its a passing lane people...it especially makes me nuts when cars ride side by side. Grrr...

  2. I loved these...I too go nuts when cars ride side by side...and even more so when semi trucks do.

  3. Getting a little frustrated while on the road, eh? I laughed about you giving someone the finger!