Saturday, February 25, 2012

Roller Coaster Rides

I've been playing on the computer for a couple of hours now and decided I'd blog about something. I wasn't really sure what until I saw the weather forecast for the next week. The past couple of weeks the temperatures (highs) have looked almost like a bell curve. Not sure what a bell curve looks like? Here is an example:

The temperatures start in the 30s/40s on the weekends, by midweek the temperatures are hitting high 50s/60s. then going down to the 30s/40s. Seriously, like a roller coaster.

Before looking at the forecast, I was reading some blogs. My nephew's wife blogged about their vacation to DisneyLand (weird typing Land instead of World...but they live out west closer to Land where I live East closer to World). Anyway, she wrote how her little girl enjoyed her first roller coaster ride.

My last roller coaster ride on a roller coaster was 14 years ago. I had been diagnosed with diabetes 2 years before and was still trying to get a handle on it. (I think I finally have a handle on it now.) My son's school had gone to Dollywood in Sevierville, TN. I drove down because they didn't need anymore chaperones on the bus. Actually, I think the student/chaperone ratio on this trip was 1.1: 1. I hadn't really eaten much because C had said the first ride was going to be the roller coaster. Ok. No problem. I was game at the time. After the ride, I was shaking like a leaf, only worse! Did not like the feeling! I have not gotten on a ride since then.

Oh, wait. I lied! (But not on purpose.) Well, I guess I could have edited that part. But I'm lazy.

I did ride some roller coasters a couple of years later when we were at Busch Gardens/Williamsburg. C had a friend who had a t-shirt that said "I rode the 4" or something like that. There are 4 roller coasters at Busch Gardens and C wanted to ride them all and get the t-shirt. (I had to buy it.) So we did...only I did not ride all 4. Two were the regular type of roller coasters...they had something substantial to put your feet on. The third had the rail above you, but there was a floor for your feet. That fourth ride, however, the rail was above you and your feet were dangling. No, thank you! I just could not make myself get on that ride. I did let C ride it on his own. (And, yes, I bought the t-shirt for him!)

Another roller coaster ride I've been on wasn't a ride. Life as a mom of a son in military college. It has been said that the student rides the roller coaster. They didn't tell us we would be on the ride! But four years of ups and downs were hard on us all!

And it continued with the second one, even though he attended a "regular" college. Only he opted to belong to the college's corps of cadets and go through ROTC. That was a roller coaster as well, only not as bad.

Now, I'm still on one. Oh, yeah! LIFE itself is a roller coaster isn't it! Silly me!