Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baseball is FANtastic

Here are the essentials every baseball fan should take with them to a ballgame:

  1. a towel: this serves two purposes (1) to wipe the seat if very dirty or wet and (2) to use as a neck wrap--soak in cold water and wrap around your neck during very hot days
  2. a scorebook: the best way I know to learn the game is to learn how to keep score; this also helps you stay focused on the game and can keep you calm if your child is playing
  3. camera: get a camera that will take both video and still pictures or take both
  4. sunglasses: a must! if it is a day game
  5. sunscreen: another must! for those day games; there are very few stadiums/ball fields that have shade
  6. pen/sharpie: you need something to write with to keep score, most use a pencil but pencil will fade more quickly over time; the sharpie is for you to get autographs
  7. emergency poncho: you never know when a summer shower will appear so always be prepared (besides, they don't take up much room)
  8. fan: definite must for the hot/humid/muggy summer days; water spritzer is optional (don't forget extra batteries!)
  9. hat: another definite for day games where there is no shade
  10. bag: you have to have something to carry it all in (baseball theme is optional)
  11. blanket: high school/college baseball begins in late February/first of March so a blanket will be needed--sometimes a couple of sleeping bags are necessary; for those professional games in some areas of the country you will need a blanket well into the month of June (like Seattle--I'm talking from experience)
Optional: a good summer do that will make you look presentable even though you melted for 2 hours

just take the hat off and fluff with your fingers


  1. Your hair looks good! It looks shorter!
    You're so organized with your baseball gear. But then again, you're such a "pro"!

  2. You obviously speak from experience...we may go to a game this weekend, semi pro. Their home games never seem to coincide with our weekends at home but it looks like we might finally get there on Saturday.