Friday, June 11, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx are playing at the Tennessee Smokies in Sevierville this weekend. The two teams are AA minor league baseball teams. Sevierville is about 1-1/2 hours away. And my son is a pitcher for the Jaxx team. So...we drove last night to the first game of a 5 game series.

N is currently on the team but not playing. On April 20, he had surgery to repair his lateral meniscus in his left knee. He was told he would be out 4 weeks. April 20 was 7 weeks ago. His knee has/is healing. After 5 weeks he began throwing (more like playing catch) but began having shoulder pain. The trainer said it was tendenitis and N had to back off a bit. He is doing much better now but has to gain his strength back before he can be put in a game. He has already thrown several bullpens (I think that means he threw in the bullpen as though he was warming up for a game) and several simulated games (which means he threw to a live batter(s)). He's feeling better...just very frustrated that he has not been able to get back into a game.

But, we got to see him and talk to him last night. We even brought him home with us. And we'll get to do that 4 more days in a row! It was a good feeling having all four of us driving home last night. Each of these times is so precious since we never know how long it will be before the "next time" we are all together. (C will be leaving Monday for his ROTC summer camp...on the other side of the country.)

Oh, yeah. The Jaxx won last night -- 11 to 4!

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  1. Go Jaxx! Glad that N got to spend some time at home. Hope he's able to get on the mound soon!