Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I want to introduce you to three great dads.

The first dad I have known all my life. He is an amazing man. One of eight children, he grew up in a small town on the Texas Gulf Coast. His family were farmers. Born in 1925 meant he spent his early years during the Great Depression. After high school he joined the navy, fighting in the Pacific Theater of WWII. After his military duty, he went to college on the GI Bill and received his degree in chemical engineering. He spent most of his working years as an industrial engineer.

As many of you know, he sired ten kids. I know there were times that were financially challenging, but when all is said and done, he was a great provider. We were fortunate that when management changed where Dad was working, Dad was able to secure a job with the security department. He was shift supervisor and a first responder.

Dad is the quiet, handsome type. He hasn't regaled us very much with stories of his youth. But one story he told was about how at Christmas he and his two brothers received a football. Not one football apiece, but one football for all three boys. After they pumped it up, they went out to play with it. It busted. They stuffed the football with newspaper and taped it up. (And we thought we didn't have much!)

Dad is a great gardener, both flowers and vegetables. I can't remember a time when he did not have a vegetable garden. He grew his own grapes and made his own wine. He was very handy with tools. I can't begin to tell you the furniture he has made--not just for his home but for me and my siblings as well. He also was a great photographer. He not only took the pictures but developed them as well.

I could go on and on about my dad. He is that amazing!

The second dad I have talked about on my blogs before. He is my husband. He is a great dad to both our boys. I like to say my boys get their intelligence from me and their athleticism from him. When we met, L was a golfer. He golfed a lot and was very good at it. He played sports in high school (football, baseball, and basketball) and played baseball in college. C reminds me of him--he'll play just about any thing and does very well. L likes to ride his bicycle. He and C have gone hiking a few times and have camped out a few times. L is N's "personal" pitching coach. He taught N the love of the game. N continues to call L to discuss his pitching. When the boys call home and we don't answer, the next call is to L's cell phone -- both boys. C told me once about a year ago, that he enjoys talking to his dad.

On this Father's Day (I know it was yesterday), I also want to mention L's dad. We lost him in June 2000 to bladder cancer. He was very special to me. He was smart. He was a lot like my dad. After retiring as a mail carrier, he got his real estate license and then became a real estate appraiser. L's dad was handy with tools like my dad. We have several pieces of furniture that he made. One time when he was here visiting, L told about plans he had to build some shelves in the garage. The next day, L's dad went and rented some power tools and built those shelves. He adored his grandsons. And they adored him. We all miss him very much.

I am very blessed to have such great men in my lives. Happy Father's Day Daddy, L, and Poppy! With all my love.

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  1. This was a sweet post! The grandkids called my dad Poppy...we miss him too.