Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday -- per request

I wasn't sure if I'd do a post this week since this is my first week of freedom (from students, from lesson plans, from driving to work). But my sister sent me an email and suggested I do today's Flashback Friday by Linda at Mocha with Linda. So here it is, without reading my sister's first.

Today's Flashback Friday is about siblings. I am one of 10 kids -- 6 girls, 4 boys. I am the 7th child, 5th daughter. (I think that 7 is my lucky number: 7th child, 7 years between me and my husband, had the 7th grandchild on my side of the get the picture?) However, I also consider myself to be the middle child. I am 7 years younger than the olderst and seven years older than the youngest. (There's that 7 again!)

As a member of a large family, I got hand-me-downs. I remember a dress I received from another family when I was 5 that I absolutely loved. I think it was because no one else in my family had worn it before. Until I was in high school, I shared a room with my sisters--first there were 4 of us in a room and then just me and my sister who is 1-1/2 years younger than me (to the day).

Although I don't remember this, my older sisters told me I would flirt with their boyfriends when they were over. (Me...flirt? You've got to be kidding!?!)

Being younger, I saw a little of the mischief my older siblings got into and the consequences. I don't know if that made me "Daddy's girl" or led my siblings to believe I would join a convent when I was older. (Hey, I believe in learning not only from my mistakes but from others' mistakes as well. And no, I certainly was not "little miss perfect." I think we daughters can all say we were "Daddy's girl".) That may have shaped my personality: quiet until I get to know you, a learner, sensative (the I-get-my-feelings-hurt-easily type of sensative).

My younger sister and I were close when we were growing up. We had our share of fights but I don't think they were bad. She and I were/are different. She was more tomboyish...I was called "Little Suzy Homemaker." I liked to play school and dolls (hand-me-down dolls), she played with trucks. (I remember stepping on one that was in our room and, since I stepped on the rusted part of the truck, I had to go get a tetnus shot.) We had some of the same friends. It is funny, when we were growing up, we looked a lot alike. Whenever people asked if we were twins, we'd ask who was older. They almost always would say her -- which she thoroughly enjoyed. I reminded her one day that when we were older she wouldn't like that answer. Of course, now, we don't look anything alike.

She was the only one I really felt close to growing up. Now, I do feel closer to my siblings. Not as close as I would like since I don't live near them. (I feel left out sometimes when we get together and they are talking about things they have done together.) We have a ladies weekend every year...sisters, sisters-in-law, and Mom.

There are way too many memories that stand out -- vacations to Texas (two-day trip in an unconditioned station wagon with 10 - 12 people), Sunday trips to the mountains, Sunday brunch, Christmas. I will mention a memory that stands out that has to do with an older sibling having her younger siblings do some work for her:

Friday. Parents home later. Almost time for party goers to arrive. Go downstairs to the basement rec room and vacuum. Ok. Little sis, come with me. It's scary down there. Have to go to the bathroom. Come with me. Bathroom downstairs in the dark, scary basement. Push the door all the way open to make sure no one is hiding behind the door. Door doesn't go all the way to the wall. Scream. Little sis runs into the rec room and slams door. I run up the stairs. Big sis meets me at the top, "There's someone down there, and M is still down there!" Big sis runs next door to neighbor (parents not home yet). Neighbor brings shotgun and investigates. Other big sis's sneaker blocked the bathroom door. Big sis is embarrassed/mad. Turns out it was Friday, the 13th. So now, on Friday the 13th, we email/call each other and ask if we know where our sneakers are.

I love my siblings. All of them. We are all alike yet so very different!

If you haven't already visited my sister's blog, please do so. (No, I still haven't yet.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOL! I had completely forgotten about that truck in our room! I think you did a better job with this post than I did. Remember the fight we had when I started throwing books at you? Boy, you were NOT happy!
    I love you!

  2. So are YOU the one that is the reason she didn't get to be an exchange student?!

    What fun to have two sisters sharing on the same topic!

    And my 7 years OLDER sister loved it when people would ask us which was older. Then she hit her 50's and a couple of folks asked if she was my mom!

  3. Linda: No!!! I'm not that adventureous.

  4. This was fun to read...there is still a pretty big family resemblance there!

    Feel free to use the quotes.

    I love the background on your blog!

  5. Love to hear these family stories! I'm sure your house was always bustling!

  6. What a precious post. Thank you for sharing this with an only child. I always wanted a busting house...and now that my mom is in a nursing home would love to have some siblings for sure.