Monday, June 14, 2010

God's Fireworks

Friday night was fireworks night at the ballpark. However, I wasn't feeling well so we left before the end of the game. Then, driving home Saturday night, L and I were treated to some of the most spectacular fireworks. I know that a picture says a thousand words, but I was driving so I couldn't take any pictures. Besides, every time I try to take firework pictures or anything that has to do with the sky, they just don't turn out. I wish you could have seen them.

The lightning was in the far distance. I didn't see any streaks. Just flashes of light illuminating the fluffy clouds. Quick flashes, lasting just a split second. Then a long flash, lasting 3-4 seconds. At times the sky turned a shade of light red. This continued as we drove up the interstate. As we got closer to home, streaks could be seen through the sky. Short streaks and long streaks. Each lighting up the night sky.

We may have missed Friday's fireworks, but God's fireworks on Saturday were a sight to behold!

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