Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are We Moving?

About a month ago, L and I put a contract on a house. It was a beautiful house. In a very good neighborhood. A corner lot with very little chance of the back property owner developing the land. My husband fell in love with it. However, he is very practical. The contract included a clause that the sale would be contingent upon the building inspection and radon test. We were very uncomfortable with the results of both the building inspection and radon test...so much so that we walked away. We felt we had no choice. My husband really liked the house. But it is not to be.

During the contract process, we talked about what we would need to do to sell our current home. A home we have been in since 1991. A home where our boys grew up. (True story: C was 2...we had not been in the house very long. It is a 2 story house. N and I were upstairs. L came up. Then we hear this little voice, "Daddy?" L said, "C." "Daddy, where are you?" "Where are you?" We hear this little, sad voice, "I don't know.")

There is a saying that everyone should move every 7 to 10 years just so you can get rid of your clutter/stuff. There's some truth to that. Eighteen years is a long time to accumulate not just memories. However, there is some excitement along with it. Kinda like a treasure hunt. I have found:

  • the old dictaphone recording machine (I was wondering where that was)
  • the directions for making those composition books look like they're not composition books
  • three rosaries that are in need of repair (I'm thinking one came from either my mom or my grandmother)
  • jewelry I can't wear anymore
  • pictures and pictures and pictures
  • my boys' baby teeth (now why have I kept those?)
  • my husband's report cards (hehe...I have a feeling he was not that good of a student)
  • my husband's grades from ETSU (turns out we attended one quarter at the same time but didn't meet until 2 years later)
  • a letter my husband wrote to "Sant Nick"
  • a copy of my father-in-law's discharge paper from the US Army (which I am glad I found because I plan on getting the flag that draped his coffin framed and will need that information for the plaque...oh, by the way, don't say anything, it's going to be a present for Father's Day)
  • an old valentine card from L which says I'm his better half (maybe I should keep that)

It has been work...with more to do. Hum, more treasures to be found?


  1. Hi Tina-
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  2. Moving is always good for a clear out. Before this move we had a couple of boxes that just kept moving with us without ever being opened. We finally got rid of them this time around. If I haven't opened them in over 15 years I can't need it, right?

  3. I am moving next Weds. We are packing a fully furnished house to move into a fully furnished parsonage and I have sold most of my furniture and still seem to have a lot of stuff...If I don't unpack something this round...it is history.

  4. We got rid of a bunch of stuff when we moved from SC. It helps when you have to move yourself and don't have the luxury of a moving company to do it for you! I'm still finding stuff in totes that we moved with us. I should probably throw it all away...obviously we don't need it!