Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back on the Job

The Chattanooga Lookouts are in Jackson playing the West TN Diamond Jaxx for a 6 game series. Yesterday was a double header. But I didn't know that. I logged on around 9:00 thinking the game was in the 3rd inning or so. I was surprised to see they had just started the game. Upon investigation, I found they had already played one game and had started the second game.

Oh, dear. Did I miss N pitching? He thought he would pitch at some point during this series. So I look at the box score. No, he didn't pitch. Maybe he'll pitch this game. So I listen. The announcer never said he sees N in the bullpen warming up. But then, in the 6th inning, the announcer says N is on the mound. I ran to tell L.

N last appearance was April 15. He had surgery to repair a tear in his lateral meniscus in his knee on April 20 or 21. He had been rehabbing ever since. He was placed back on the active list last Saturday, a week ahead of time due to another relief pitcher being injured during a game (elbow).

Last night he was back. Here are his stats from last night:

innings pitched: 1
batters faced: 3
strikeouts: 2 (1 strikeout was a dropped 3rd strike which meant the batter could run to 1st...he made it safely to first...but then N picked him off--which means he caught the runner stealing 2nd base and got him out)
hits: 0
walks: 0
pitches/strikes: 15 pitches/10 strikes
groundouts/flyouts: 1/0

He's baaaaccccckkkkkk!


  1. We saw the Lookouts play in Jackson this past Saturday against the Mississippi Braves. It was a great game.

  2. Welcome Back! I am glad you had a great day!