Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deja Vu?

Last week I blogged about being out of work unexpectedly due to two snow days. Well, two days into the new week and we have eaten up 2 more snow days. And guess what? We're off tomorrow (Wednesday) as well.

Hopefully, we'll be able to go Thursday and Friday. It's iffy though. A winter storm is coming from the south/southwest late tomorrow afternoon which will bring sleet and ice and then change to rain by Thursday morning. (I'd rather have snow. ) The temperatures have been extremely cold. I believe it's suppose to get up to above freezing Thursday morning (hence rain instead of snow).

Oh, well. I've gotten my decorations up and a couple of presents wrapped. C is coming home for Christmas break tomorrow (hoping he'll make it in before the storm hits). We'll have a full house again...if you can call 4 people a full house :)

Plus it will be easier to link up with Joyce for tomorrow's HodgePodge!

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  1. Our youngest gets in today...hope she beats the weather down South. We're fine up here...bitterly cold, gray and a little windy but there is just a light dusting of snow on the grass.

    We are traveling next week and our oldest is meeting us there so will also be driving. I surely hope the weather down that way settles down!