Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you, St. Anthony!

I feel that I misplace things...alot. Maybe I am getting old. Maybe I just have too much "stuff." I'm thankful that St. Anthony helps me find what I'm looking for!

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items. When I can't find something, I say a little prayer for him to help me and intercede on my behalf. Then I find it!

My mom introduced me to St. Anthony. She told me a story about how her mom was looking for something (I have forgotten what it was...maybe a button?) She had searched everywhere, including the top of a chest of drawers. She said a prayer to St. Anthony, ran her hand over the top of the dresser again, and found the item! Could that really be true, I wondered?

Well, yes, it can! We were vacationing when the boys were 6 and 2. For L, it was a working vacation (worked in the morning, then spent time with us). Unfortunately, it rained the first 2/3 days...2/3 days in a 2 bedroom condomium with 2 very active boys! When it stopped raining, I rented two bicycles--one for N and one for me with a carrier for C. We also had helmets (of course!). Having those bicycles saved our vacation!

Until the evening before the last day, L took the boys out on the bikes while I finished packing. He came back asking about those little foam pieces that velcro in the helmets that help the helmet fit those little heads. Yes, C had taken his helmet off and took those little black-on-one-side/gray-on-the-other-side foam pieces off while they were riding on the black asphalt paths that meander through the little community with dark mulch on each side of the black asphalt paths! Do you think you could find them?

I took the boys out that next morning thinking how in the world are we going to find them? I stopped N and told him we needed to ask St. Anthony to help!! Guess what? We found each and every one of them!!

Just recently, I was searching for a CD that has Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" comedy routine. (I wanted to use it in class.) I looked everywhere! I asked St. Anthony for help. Suddenly, while driving down the road, I thought: "Look in the other car!" Yep, that's where it was!

Last year, I was looking for a booklet I borrowed from my school's library. When I remembered I had it, I looked everywhere! Could not find it. Did not ask St. Anthony for help. Found it a year later. (Good thing the library didn't charge a daily past due fee!)

St. Anthony has helped me many times! There is even a little poem you can say:

Tony, Tony
come around
something's lost
and can't be found!


  1. Hi, Tina! Thanks for stopping by. I also ask for help from St. Anthony when I lose something. Though, I say: St. Anthony, St. Anthony instead of Tony, Tony. I always find whatever it was that was misplaced.

  2. I had a coworker in SC who lost a necklace and had looked everywhere for it. When I told her to pray to St. Anthony and told her the poem, she said that she repeated it over and over. She was in the bathroom (where she had already looked for it and didn't find it) and found it. She came to me and told me that she had already looked in there and didn't find it! The power of prayer!

  3. Love the prayer. Glad you found Who's on First...I love that too. LOL.

  4. I need to befriend St. Anthony!