Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Sooooo Excited!!

I am a math teacher; however, I am not a math geek. I like doing math problems but there are times when others are talking math and I'm thinking, "Huh?!? What in the world are you saying?"

I am a techie wannabe. I really enjoy teaching my students to use technology. Especially Texas Instrument's newest generation calculator -- excuse me, it's not a calculator...it's a handheld...that's how powerful it is.

The TI Nspire is a great tool for a math teacher. I first learned about the Nspire about three years ago. I was able to purchase one for myself but was having trouble learning how to use it on my own. I met a wonderful math teacher from a school located in the middle area of my state. She met me at my parents' home one Saturday over a year ago and taught me how to use the handheld. She then told me about a grant that the state was securing to have teachers train on the Nspires and teach other teachers how to use them. She encouraged me to apply for the program. I was accepted...that meant I received a class set (30) of the handhelds. But, I had to do presentations...300 face hours total. I've had since June of 2009 until June 2010. Today, I hit 303 hours!!!! If I didn't get the 300 hours, I would have had to return the handhelds. :(

That is why I am so excited today!!

Now, I just have to submit two more activities to TI's activity exchange and attend one more training session, which I am already prepared to do.

I loved doing those presentations. I'm already planning to do more this summer.

I am now one step closer to keeping those handhelds!!


  1. Sorry...you are a little bit of a math geek who loves her "toys"! :D

  2. Hey...I am a Spanish Teacher...and a techie wannabee too. I even attend the Super Conference each year...the more toys I have and use the happier I am...hey...you need to go to donorschose.org. I got a handheld video camera, tripod and bag there. You type in what you want...and they match you with donors. It rocks! Our Chemistry, Physics and two English teachers have all gotten stuff that way...and me of course!