Sunday, May 16, 2010

He's Home!

C is home for the summer. He arrived home last Wednesday. He'll be leaving June 14 to fulfill an ROTC summer obligation--on the other side of the country! So for now

my grocery bill will increase

my water bill will increase

my electric bill will increase

I'll have more dishes to wash

I'll have more laundry to do
(actually he does his own)

I'll have more conversations with him

I'll get more hugs from him

I'll worry a little less

My joy is increased!


  1. Aww...enjoy having him home. I"m sure he'll love getting some home cooked meals (and having his laundry done too!)

  2. Your house will be a little noisier, too! I laughed at Joyce's comment about the home cooked meals! ;)

  3. Have fun while he is there...and store up a bunch of hugs.

  4. Enjoy all those extras smiles for the next few weeks!