Friday, May 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life -- Show Us Your Hometown -- Tri-Cities TN

This Friday's "Show Us Your Life" is to show you my hometown. I do not consider myself living in one town. I live in one town, work in another, and shop in yet another. The area I live is referred to as the Tri-Cities, TN.

The Tri-Cities is home to a very popular NASCAR race.

There are many colleges in my hometown:

There are also many festivals throughout our area:

Blue Plum Festival
Fun Fest
Rhythm and Roots...just to name a few.

Each major city has a sports complex and very good schools. The county schools are very good also.

We are surrounded by mountains and lakes.
We also have one of the few drive-in movie theaters in the country! there is also something fun and interesting to do!


  1. Oldest son is really enjoying those mountains & rivers! He's turning into our "nature boy"! And, that area is just as pretty as the area where we grew up!

  2. Gotta love East TN! When is the rhythm & roots fest? We'd love that.

  3. It is still so beautiful. We have a drive in theatre's not in our town but its close. We're looking forward to that this summer.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. CDScott: Rhythm & Roots is September 17-19. Here is a link:
    It is in downtown Bristol TN/VA.

  5. Got to love East best friend from Knoxville's(we've been friends since age 5) daughter went to Kings College in Bristol. Met and married her husband there. It is a beautiful area.