Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I need to explain

My last post had a couple of comments I need to comment on.

One comment stated my son would enjoy a home cooked meal...then the next comment said that made her laugh.

I don't enjoy cooking. I don't like deciding what to fix for supper. I don't like going to the grocery store. Whenever my husband says, "Do you want to go get something to eat?" I don't hesitate.

So, will my son get a home cooked meal? Yes, he's already had several. And we've only had leftovers once. C is an athlete...working out every day. Tonight when he asked what we were having he said, "hamburgers? yes!"

Maybe I don't have a specialty, but my guys enjoy the chili, the broccoli ham ring, the potato salad, and the deviled eggs I fix. Oh, yeah...L likes the quiche I fix too. (Real men do eat quiche!) They don't starve.


  1. Oh, Tina! I knew you would cook him something! I thought about when you said Oldest Son could come by your house anytime, just for him not to expect a home cooked meal! I just love to give you a hard time! :D

  2. well, home cooking is anything they don't have to make themselves, right? I'm sure he's happy to be home : )

  3. That broccoli ham ring sounds really good....care to share the recipe. I like to cook....when I have lots of time. I love grilled stuff...it means someone else in the family has to participate. I don't hesitate when he says lets eat out.

  4. Mary, I forgot about telling you that...no wonder he never has stopped by!
    Stillmagnolia: check out this website:
    http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/pampered-chef-recipes/broccoli-ham-ring.htm (I use canned ham and frozen broccoli.)