Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Wednesday (already?)

It's Wednesday. That means it's Random Dozen for me. Link up and join the party.

1. Would you rather host party or simply attend a party?

Depends what type of party it is; however, since the parties I've hosted have been a bust (no one showed), I'd say it's better for me to attend a party.

2. Tell us about the most memorable party you've been to.

One of my wedding showers. No guests came so it was just me, my mom, and the two friends who hosted the shower. Both of my friends had just gotten married themselves so they told lots of stories that they probably wouldn't have had told if anyone else was there.

3. What is one thing you hope for in the after-life?

To see Jesus Christ.

4. What do you enjoy most about sunshine?

The light

5. When you attend a bridal/baby shower, do you prefer to bring your own gift or chip in with others to buy a larger gift?

Depends...If it is someone I know well, I'd prefer to bring my own gift. If it is someone I don't know very well, I prefer to chip in.

6. Would you rather have a FREE week of having your house cleaned or all of your meals cooked for you and your family?

Meals cooked, no hesitation there.

7. What song describes your mood today?

Uh, what song goes with a gray cloud? I was in a really bad mood this morning...but please don't suggest "Gray skies are gonna clear up." You'll just make it worse.

8. What is something you received for your own bridal shower/wedding that you still own or use? (If you are not married, feel free to sub a gift you received a long time ago.)

How funny! Just about an hour ago I decided to really clean my waffle iron that I received for a wedding gift 27 years ago. We used it last night. (It was a breakfast-for-dinner type of night.)

9. Your favorite flavor of ice cream is?


10. When was the last time you felt "tested?"

This morning. She wanted to use the restroom so I told her to go see our discipline principal about her top. (Did I tell you I was in a bad mood this morning and the first thing she does when she comes in, late, is talk to the guys around her?) Couldn't find the principal so the graduation coach said it was okay. Are you kidding???!!!??? I marched straight to the graduation coach and asked, "Are you kidding me?" Her response: "I didn't even notice her top. I asked her about..."

11. "[Fill in the blank] is a food that once I start eating I find really hard to stop."

Milk chocolate (or maybe anything sweet)

12. "-----" is the best motivation.

Ouch! This is a very hard one for me. I'm thinking simple gratification.

For the record, I did not read any other Random Dozens first!!


  1. I'm sensing you don't like to cook : )

    I feel like this week is passing s-l-o-w-l-y. Hope your day got better!

  2. You're almost done! Hang in there!
    Laughed at #6...thing Joyce is catching on? :D
    Love you!

  3. WOW....I think you had my day with the top issue. I had one...she put on a jacket...and when I looked over at her...the jacket was off. Griefus...I wish we had uniforms.