Monday, November 29, 2010

What a Weekend!

I always have so much to be thankful for. I am truly blessed.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I went to get C. They get the entire week of Thanksgiving off. So I had both my boys home for an entire week.

C mentioned that he wanted to learn how to cook. (Can you believe I'm the one to teach him?) On Thanksgiving he helped me fix some of the food. I purchased a smoked turkey breast. It's the only way we end up with turkey that tastes good!

L went to get his mom. She had told him she wasn't going to spend the night. Guess what? When he walked through the door he was carrying her overnight bag. Our guest room is the room where I spend my work is done there, my scrapbooking stuff is there, my "stuff" is there. So, after everything was cleaned up, I went and gathered everything from the guest room and "temporarily" stored it in my bedroom.

On Friday, I went to the grocery store. When I got back, L and his mom had already eaten lunch. Guess I should be glad he can take care of himself. Later, he and N went hunting. I and MIL took C back to school. C wanted to go back early so he could tailgate the next day. He never had been able to tailgate, being in the Corps of Cadets. They have to sit together, wear their uniform, and they go in together. This was his last chance to experience tailgating.

On my way home, I took MIL back to her apartment. I got home around 8:00 p.m.

N woke up Friday morning with hives. His face was blotchy. We thought it might have been an allergic reaction to something he ate. On Saturday morning, he still had the hives and was still itching. I went with him to Urgent Care. The doctor didn't think it was something he ate, but something airborne. When we got home, I changed his bed sheets and pillow cases, vacuumed his mattress, washed his comforter, vacuumed what I could of the floor, and L changed the air filter. He looked better Sunday but today the swelling is down, but the redness is still there. (He has an appointment for the dermatologist tomorrow.)

I spent Saturday afternoon until bedtime typing out a practice test. (That's no small feat when you talk about math problems!) Then Sunday afternoon was spent creating two semester exams. And you know, after all that, I had a hard time falling asleep last night!

It was a busy weekend. I'm thankful I got to live it!


  1. So glad you were able to have your boys home with you. I'm sure you're looking forward to the end of the semester and a break from school too! Enjoy your week!