Thursday, January 13, 2011

Four Letter Words

I like playing word games, especially crossword puzzles, word search, and word scramble. As a matter of fact, the first thing I downloaded to my Kindle was "Easy Word" where you are given 6 letters and you make 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words from those letters. If you get the 6-letter word, you unlock the next level.

So, I was thinking...what 4 letter words can I come up that mean joy and anxiety at the same time?

B O Y S (or MALE...same thing)
My boys have been a joy to me. They are funny and intelligent, thoughtful and caring (for the most part anyway). Yet they do at times cause anxiety. They have different personalities. One finds humor in pranks and practical jokes. The other has a sense of humor, it just isn't found in the pranks and practical jokes (especially if they are played on him by his brother). I do worry that they are not close; however, there is 4-1/2 years between them. And all the pranks haven't helped. Hopefully, as they grow older they will get closer.

I do enjoy walking for exercise. It does make me anxious that I have to exercise (another four letter word, huh?) but I almost always feel better when I do.

Most people are probably getting tired of hearing about the snow. The news stations were reporting that yesterday 49 states had snow...the only one that didn't was Florida! (They said Hawaii had snow on the highest peak on the island of Hawaii.) Well snow can bring much joy. I love the way it looks. I enjoy watching it snow. I love the way it makes the air smell so crisp and fresh (like sheets freshly cleaned). But as they say, too much of a good thing isn't good! Today was snow day number 13. We have 10 days built in with 3 inservice days that can be converted to student days. Not sure what will happen after today (we're on a 2-hour delay for tomorrow as I write this).

What four letter words can you think of?


  1. Snow Day number 13??? Wow, I don't think we've ever used that many up here. We usually only build 5 snow days into the school calendars around here but then we're more used to the snow and probably better equipped for the snow removal than your southern states are. At the college, where I work, we rarely get a snow day but the last two years, we've gotten 2 each winter. I'm hoping for one at some point. I love snow days. A wonderful, unexpected gift from above! but then after 13, I may have had enough too. :)

  2. We have one day so far to make up. Our first snow episode we were released at the half point...thus counting as a whole day. I missed two days personally....could not cross the bridge to get to the town I work was closed. This snow/ice storm has been a mess....and made me very anxious.

  3. We're out again. We're on day #9 out of 11 days built in, and, since the snow has been on the ground for 3 days, I suspect there will be more to come. It's awfully pretty still, especially in the morning with the sun making it sparkle!

  4. I play a similar game on my ipad...jumbline is the app for it. I got my youngest daughter hooked on it too while she was home and I'd catch her on my ipad playing. I love words with friends on the can also play it on an iphone.

    a word that brings joy and in house : )

  5. My boys give me joy & frustrations all at once. Glad to hear others have the same experience.