Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Want a Do-Over

Do you remember growing up, playing games, and when you didn't like the way your turn went, you asked for a "do-over"? You then got to do your turn over. Golfers have do-overs when they play in amateur golf tournaments--they're called "mulligans" and you have to buy them. But if a golfer bought a mulligan, didn't like the shot he/she just made, he/she "uses a mulligan" or he/she gets a "do-over."

Well, I have a couple of do-overs I want.

You know I love my husband (and no, I don't want a do-over with a new husband!). We'll be celebrating our 28th anniversary the middle of October. But it never ceases to amaze me that when two people have lived together for so long that they still don't see eye-to-eye or still don't do things the same as the other.

Here's my first do-over (although it is more like a rewind and record): Several years ago, L mentioned to me that his dad doesn't close doors--closet door, cabinet door, etc. I want a do-over and record his comment because, guess what? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Maybe his definition of close and mine are not the same. To me, close means shut. When you pull on the knob without turning it, the door doesn't open. I don't think that's his definition. Maybe to him, close means cracked, even a 6 inch crack is closed. And the closet...he keeps his casual shirts in a closet in the guest room and right now the doors are wide open!

Here's another do-over: Growing up, I always thought that as long as the bed was made neatly, it didn't matter what else was on the floor, or on the dresser, or hanging over the chair, the room looked neat. And I love crawling into bed at night when the bed has been made, neatly. I just seem to sleep better.

Since I have gone back to work, I get up before L does and am usually out the door before he gets out of bed (I leave between 6 and 6:15). Here is L's definition of a made bed:

So, yes, I "do-over" the bed, even if it is two minutes before I'm crawling in to dreamland.

And just so you know, I "do-over" the dishwasher too after he has so kindly filled it for me.


  1. Being a control freak, I could spend my day doing "do-overs" of things that others have already "done". But to preserve my sanity and to actually get new stuff done, I have given on a few...just a few things. Surprisingly, I found that I didn't die by letting the dishwasher run when it was loaded "wrong" (by someone else of course). Since I'm still alive, I might try to give on something else...but what to choose?

  2. Amen sister. I leave before daylight for an hour commute...and feel like the bed must be made before I climb in it....and somedays...hubby...who is there most of the day...does not get this done....or the dishwasher unloaded....I'd rather he not do the laundry. I wore a pink shirt (formerly white) til I gave it to the Salvation Army.

  3. I must have a neatly made bed too. I will make it before getting in at night but that really never happens because I ALWAYS make the bed. And if I don't Mr. Neatfreak does : ) On this point we agree!

  4. Must run in the family: have to have the bed made before I get in, can't stand to have doors/drawers left open, and have to have the things in the dishwasher the right way.