Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally, a second postI

Once a week, huh? I never did write faithfully in a diary either. My not writing here, I think, is because I am still too much of a perfectionist. I use to be really bad, but I have learned throughout the years my life will not end if everything is not perfect. But when I kept reading other blogs and then looking at mine, I kept hearing the Joker from the Batman movie, "Where did he get those wonderful toys?" My blog seems so blah! I will learn though so please stay with me.

I was able to visit with my two sons this weekend. My husband and I took off half a day and drove to Jackson to see our oldest. He really is looking good. We met him after his work and drove him to where he is staying. (We had to bring him his bed and pillow--have to have your own pillow!) We met him again the next day and had breakfast. It was so good to see him again! (We hadn't seen him since he left the end of January to go to Phoenix.)

Here he is at work:
L and I then drove toward home. When we were just outside Nashville, we decided to try and find a place called Loveless Cafe. We had seen it on an episode of "Throw down with Bobby Flay" on the Food Network. The cafe is famous for their biscuits and homemade preserves. It was well worth the stop. The biscuits were delicious. We will definitely be stopping by there again.

On our way home we stopped in Oak Ridge to watch our youngest son compete in the SIRA Regatta. We were able to take him out to dinner. (Wow, breakfast with N and dinner with good can it get!) C was very hungry! He ate a 12 oz ribeye, his broccoli (such a good boy) and potatoes as well as 1/4 of my quesadilla. At 20 years of age, he is still a growing boy!

C's team came in third in their heat which put them in the consolation round. He had about 4 hours before his next race, so we took him to get some lunch. We ended up at a barbeque and grill that one of my sisters recommended. It was real good. L noted that if we were ever out that way again, we'd probably stop and eat there again.

Two of my sisters came to watch him race. They had not been to a race before. (Of course this was only my third and my husband's second race. C just started rowing last semester.) We met C at his team's boat trailer. While we were waiting, we had to move because some rowers came have to get out of their way in a hurry! Someone will yell "heads up" which is short for "move quickly out of our way, we're coming through." One of my sisters replied that when she's been with me before "heads up" meant "look out a baseball is coming your way" and you look up; at a regatta it means "duck!"

I was so glad my sisters came. C was pleasantly surprised. I think it made him feel good that his aunts would come and watch.

C raced again in the consolation round that afternoon. You can see how hard he was working (that's him on the right)--if you look close enough you can see his check puffed out:

They won their heat which put them in the consolation finals. L commented that not only did they cross the finish line first, but out of 48 rowers, C was the first rower to cross the finish line. C thought that was funny.

The consolation finals were the next day, so L and I checked into a hotel. The race was scheduled for 8 a.m. It was a little chilly. I can't image how it must of felt with the water splashing on the rowers. It must not have bothered C's team, though, because they came in second! All-in-all it was a good weekend for them.

While I was walking around between races, I saw a t-shirt that read "If rowing was easy it would be called baseball." I almost bought it for C but wasn't real sure how N would feel about it!

This week is spring break!! I slept in this morning but plan to do some much needed house cleaning and decluttering the rest of this week.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great week!


  1. Love the t-shirt! I think C would've loved it, too! It was good to see you guys; glad the bbq place was good, but then again, Jeffie usually won't steer you wrong with good places to eat!
    Doing a great job! Love you!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere...I popped over from your's fun getting to know your families thru your blogs : ) I'll tell T to stop by here. You're doing great I think. And I think it takes a few posts to get a feel for how you want your blog to go...visit blogs and let people know you're new and they'll usually come say hi.

    Is your baseball playing son in school or is he playing baseball as a career?

  3. Mary sent me over to check out your blog and I loved it. I have friends who live in Knoxville so I am there often. I live in Alabama. Welcome to the blog world. Keep up the good work and I will be back daily.

  4. Mary, thanks for the input.
    Joyce, my son is currently playing professionally at the minor league level. He's with the Mariners organization.
    StillMagnolia, thanks for coming by. You might not want to come by daily...I'll be lucky to get a post in weekly. You noticed how long it took between my first and second post!